Friday, April 15, 2011

You shall now be redirected...

So I set up an entire new site dedicated to the eating habits of the Hodges family. I know sounds amazing right?! But seriously, I am going to have recipes, shopping/coupon info and pictures posted there so if you are even remotely interested or if you just want to poke fun (Mike and Arienne) please feel free to visit.

On a side note, I have been a little worried about this weekend for a few weeks now. I have so much planned that I was concerned I wouldn't have enough time for it all.
Starting tomorrow we have a meeting at church at 8:00 then I am hosting a baby shower for Amoretta at 1:00 followed by another baby shower at 6:00. We are planning on going to the drive-in tomorrow night as well to see Hop and Diary of a Wimpy Kid II. I hope to be able to fit some grocery shopping in there somewhere as well as finishing the cake for the shower and going to the Super Target to pick up something that the small Target didn't have. On Sunday we have a Palm Sunday service where the kids (Korbin) is going to be singing and after that I have to work in th 18-24 month room until the end of church. Luke's Grandma is coming to see Korbin so we hope we can convice them to go to Zen for lunch since we are starting the cleanse that day. After lunch it's off to the Great Plains Renaissance Festival for a few hours, followed by filming at the YMCA Andover at 3:00 and Kampman's birthday party at 4:00.
So... the point of telling you all this is that I have been stressing about it and I was looking forward to spending a quiet night planning out the weekend, however, when we went to Target, the car battery died and we had to call Steve to come up and jump the car. We had planned to eat at Old Chicago but since we couldn't stop the car, we had to get McDonalds and then Luke took the car to get a new battery.
While Luke was out, I noticed that the crazy Kansas wind had blown open our (insanely hard to open) gate door and the dogs had escaped. Once Luke got home, he replaced the battery and then spent over an hour looking for them. When it got dark, he called it quits and I still had to go to the grocery store for cake mix. But the good news is that while I was gone, Fodo and Sam came home and they appear unharmed. So my relaxing intrance into the weekend turned into a mess.
Now I still have to bake a cake. Oh the joys of being a house wife.


  1. I feel as if my family was negatively represented in this post. Steve would poke fun too....

  2. Yeah but you would poke fun before he would so... yeah... I want a burger.