Friday, March 26, 2010

Whatever!!! We have a showing tomorrow at 1.

Numero Uno

Every time I fill one of these out, I ask myself "who is going to read this?" Well if you are reading then welcome. So I just wanted to put something up so the page didn't look so blah.

First a little about the fam. Luke and I have been married since July of 2005. We met working at Subway in 2001 where he was my boss. Yes ladies that is right, I married the boss. Well he isn't my boss anymore. We have, thank goodness, moved on from Subway. Now Luke works for LSI as a product engineer and I am at Genesis Health Club. Sounds exciting I know.

We welcomed the first addition to our family, Korbin, in August of 2007. He has no job and doesn't really contribute to the community except in playing with blocks. No, but seriously, we just got him potty trained last week and he sleeps through the night. I can't really complain at all about him because he is just too darn cute! The next addition to our family is due in July of this year. She hopefully will get here before the 4th but it probabaly wont happen.

Well that is our family in a nutshell. We are currently trying to sell our house (3 br, 1 bath, 1100 sqft. $98000!) and looking to buy before Emma comes. Well I truly believe that things will work out like they are supposed to. We shall see what God has planned for us!