Extended Family

 Introducing: My wonderful family!

 Carla - Mi Madre
She is talented and funny and super cool!
Freddy - Mi Padre
Has been in the National Guard forever! Also crazy about LSU football.
Josh - Brother #1
Teaches jujitzu for the Army. Also obsessed with tattoos and hunting/fishing.

Emily - Sister-in-law #1
Married to the dork bag above.

Abby - Neice
First daughter of Emily and Josh. She is just as onery as her hair is red!
Charlie - Nephew
Son of Emily and Josh. He doesn't like to wear clothes.
Chris - Brother #2
Likes comic books, movies and music... yep hes pretty much a hipster.
Ryan - Brother #3
Loves to shoot and play video games. As the youngest, he got teased ALOT!

Ruth - Mother-in-law
Loves to work with kids. She is pretty much the nicest woman I have ever met.
Steve - Father-in-law
Kind of a dork. I have never met anyone with a drier sense of humor!
Daniel - Brother-in-law
In the Navy and we have a mutual fake hatred for one another.
Tricia - Sister-in-law
Married to Daniel and loves Harry Potter and reading all kinds of books!
William - Nephew
Likes Cars and Soccer. Is also an awsome new big brother.
Natalie - Neice
She is pretty new so I don't know much about her, but I bet she likes to eat and sleep.
Hannah - Sister-in-law
English teacher and wonderful woman. She has an odd obsession with her cat...
Helen - Grandmother-in-law
Serves others before herself.
Charles - My Grandpa
Grumpy ex-cop. Nuff said. "Love you PawPaw!"
Ann - My Grandma
Loves plants and animals and really anything that is outside. The woman can grow anything!


Here they are! My wonderful extended family. I know you wish you had one just as cool as mine!

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