Hodges Land

Once Upon a Time a Mommy and a Daddy loved each other very much...

So I guess you want to know a little more about my family or you wouldn't be here. So let's start at the beginning...
My name is Amanda and I was born, the first child, to two wonderful parents. A few years later I was joined by Larry, Curly and Moe. Well maybe that isn't their names but if you met them I think you might wonder. Actually my brothers, Joshua, Christopher and Ryan aren't really that bad... to me. So as per usual, I grew up, went to school and got a job, at Subway. There I had an incredibly gorgeous and buff boss by the name of Luke. After forcing him to sit through the movie Joe Dirt he was hopelssly in love with me. Or so he said. It was all smooth from there. We dated for a few years and then got married in 2005. We took an amazing honeymoon to Disney World, bought a house and bought a new car. We were sitting pretty for awhile and then we decided to expand the family.
 Captain Korbin
Korbin was born in August of 2007 and of course he is the greatest little boy in the world (biast much?). He started Kindergarten this year and can play video games better than I can. He loves, drawing, doing school workbooks, going to church and (again) video games. I think he is perfect even though he makes me want to scream every single day!
Miss Emma
Emma was born in July of 2010. She loves Minnie Mouse and will eat anything you put in her mouth. Even though she is the littlest in the family, she has the boys thouroughly wrapped around her little finger. I think she is a princess and I tell her everyday. Needless to say, she runs the house and will for many years to come.
Well that's about all there is to know about us. Now you could steal my identity if you wanted to! But on a serious note, I believe that one of the most important things you can do is spend time with your family. I love mine and wouldn't want to be with anyone else. I pray that if you don't feel the same now, then perhaps you will one day soon.