Friday, April 29, 2011

AWANA Cubbies

Tonight was a big night for Korbin. He finished his first year of Cubbies at AWANA and there was a big celebration.

We went up to the church where he got his Cubbie Bear patch for finishing the book and knowing all of his verses and a certificate as well! After the awards were passed out we saw a magician from Hutchinson and Korbin really loved that. He said when we left "Mommy, I wanted to see a magician." So I said "Korbin we did see a magician." and he promptly responded "No that was a girl! Girls can't be magicians! I want to see a boy magician." So apparently my son is sexiest... who knew.

But seriously, I am so proud of him and all the kids in AWANA. He worked really hard and I am so happy that the hard work paid off.

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