Monday, August 22, 2011

The dog days

Did you miss me? I know I sure missed you. I find that the summer months are usually quite a bit busier than the winter months, and therefore, I do not have time to spend in cyperspace (if you will). Right before I started writing this blog post, I checked my facebook and I had not been on in 11 days! And in this day in age that is unheard of. So, here is our summer in a nutshell (or a barage of pictures).

Our Vacation to Branson MO
Mini golf across from the hotel

Emma and Mommy

Korbin and Daddy at Silver Dollar City

Seeing Noah at Sight and Sound Theatre

Well it looks like it is only going to let me post these pictures for now. I will do some adjusting and post again tomorrow. I have to get caught up because Korbin's first day of school in Wednesday!! YIKES!