Monday, May 10, 2010

Comment time

Well first off, this is supposed to be a safe place where I can talk about whatever I want in my life. Second, I feel that if you don't know Luke and I then why are you reading our blog?

I recently had to go in and delete a post because someone (who doesn't know us) proceeded to belittle a subject I was feeling passionate about. I may not be a writer but frankly, this is a blog! When people are passionate about things, somethimes, they have a tendancy to write sentances that do not make sense. Thank you for the English lesson, now please go back to whatever you were doing before; surfing the internet and reading peoples' family blogs whom you don't know. That is kinda creepy.

Also, Unless you are a Structural Engineer, frankly, I don't care what your opinion is about the foundation of my house. We had one come out (OMG we paid him and everything!) and he told us there was nothing wrong with the house. I am sorry if we were trying to be cautious in the sale of our home. Well now that I have sunk down to your level, I will finish with saying I did not vote for Obama. Please have a wonderful day!

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