Tuesday, April 27, 2010

House begone!

Well after much stress, we finally sold our house! We are planning on closing on the 25th of June so we are pushing it a little with being close to the due date. Also to make things even better, we found a house (and got an accepted contract) as well! It is about a mile from the house we live in now but in Derby school district. Hopefully we can get in the house and somewhat move in before Emma decides to make an appearance.
On a different note, my baby shower is this weekend. If you didnt' get an invite, I am not surprised, I don't think that Jessica mailed them out! Well I guess I can forgive her since she is preggo too. I also finished making the bumper for the crib and eventually I will move on to the vallances, skirt and cradle bumper.
In case you are a little behind, Korbin had a bladder infection last week. We aren't sure how he got it, but it is gone now. We also made a trip to the Renaissance Festival this weekend and Korbin had a great time. There were a surprising number of people there this time. So... now that I think we are caught up, I will let you get beack to your lives and stop worrying about mine. Hopefully we will talk again soon.

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